Monday, November 8, 2010

Haize is 2

How did that happen? It seems as though it were yesterday I brought him home from the hospital, and then today I wake up to him running around all over the place. How does that happen?
He is my favorite little guy ever! He is so cute and we love him so much. Our live's have been forever changed and in a wonderful way. He keeps us all going. If im having a bad day his smile and crazy things he does makes it all better. Just knowing that im his mom makes me the happiest person on earth. I love being able to stay home with him everyday and watch him learn new things constantly.
Lets talk about some of the things Haize does.....
He jumps off the ground with both feet in the air... it's so cute!
He loves to dance. Whenever there is bumping music he is dancing even if its in the car. Haha.
He loves farm animals. He calls them by what they say though... i'm working on that.
He loves to be outside and always tells the dogs to SHUT! Its pretty darn funny because he says it in a gruff voice.
He is always wanting a treat. He probably gets that from me. I love sweets.
His favorite movie is Tarzan and he calls it Tarz.
He also likes to watch Ratatoille, Tale of Despero, and a new one Toy Story 3.
He is in a big boy bed now and has been for a month or so. He likes it way more than his crib, but still does not stay in it all night. He ends up with us. Its ok ive decided. One day he won't like us. Haha I hope not though.
He loves playing with plastic animals, trucks, his new Mr. Potato Head, anything he can push around the house and lots more, but i'll leave it at that.
Some of his favorite things to eat are... banana's, apple's, cheese, lunch meat, toast, ramen noodles, hot dogs and there's more but thats all I can think of right now.
He is starting to say more words and I love it. Its kind of hard to understand him, but i'm getting it. Sometimes he speaks another language and you can't understand anything.
Overall he is one funny child. He cracks me up all day long. If we are somewhere other than home everyone is usually laughing at him at some point or other for something funny/crazy he did.
I hope that tells you a little about my handsome little Haizer man. We love him so much.....even if he is in terrible 2's

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010

Wow I know its been way too long since I posted last and I'm going to try to keep this up a little better. Here is some Halloween pictures of Haize. He was a monkey this year, mostly because he love's bananas and when my sister seen this costume with the banana in the pocket she said he has to be what he was. He did make a pretty cute monkey.
We went to Jared's parents house this year for Halloween and it was nice and great weather for us. Haize did good at trick or treating until he found the wiggly car and then he just wanted to do that. He did not want to get off and load up in the car to go some more, but I'm a mean mom and made him get off and get in the car. He forgot about it within in a minute. He wasn't totally into it this year, but I'm sure next year will be a blast.
On our way home I fed him the yellow taffy and then he started yelling and I look back and he had this mad/confused look on his face and his hand was on his head so I look and there was the taffy so I reach back to get it out and it was matted in his hair. Thank goodness a warm bath when we got home got it out. I was scared I was going to have to give him a buzz. Thank goodness that wasn't the case.
I hope every one had a great Halloween this year.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Us Lately....

Holy cow! It's been forever since I updated this. Let's see I'll try to update you on what we have been up to lately.
We have been trying to get a few rooms done in our basement which is taking way too long, but I guess it will totally be worth it. I can't wait until its done. Haize love's to help and he gets VERY MAD if we don't let him go downstairs to work with Dad. He is so smart and is quite the little copy cat. He see's things we do that we didn't know and then he does them and it cracks us up. These pictures are from Saturday when Jared and our friend Justin were mud and taping the basement and I was upstairs doing my hair and that is what I came down to find. I had to grab the camera and I couldn't get mad I just laughed and took pictures and then cleaned him up. It doesn't matter what your doing he tries to do it. He was even copying the dances tonight on So You Think You Can Dance. It was sooo cute.
I have taught Haize a new word this week... Pepsi ... sometimes it comes out puppies, but I know what he's saying. Thats my boy! :)
I started a new job about a month and 1/2 ago but after a month quit. It was for a Chiropractor here in Santaquin he is really nice, but it was way too hard leaving Haize and I didn't want to be an advertiser which is basically what I was doing so I quit, but I got a call yesterday from the Payson office which is Dr. King and I guess I will be their on call person so that will be good. Just a few days here and there won't be so bad.
On June 11-12 I did the Relay for Life in Payson at the park with my sister in law Brynn and I had some friends join us. It was a blast having them come and I think they all enjoyed it as well. It rained non stop, but it was worth it like always. Hopefully next year it won't rain us out. Thanks friends- Jacey, Camille, and Jayme. You guys are awesome!
For my Birthday my Dad took me and my sister Jennifer to Wendover to see the comedian Lisa Lampanelli and oh my gosh it was freakin hillarious! Its a show that you don't want to go see if you get offended easily about ANYTHING! She makes fun of everything and everyone. She's not a bit shy about anything at all. We laughed out guts out. There were a few people who left within the first 5 minutes. Then we all went and gambled for a bit at the casino. We had a great time. It was fun spending time with my Dad and Sister. Thanks guys for the great birthday weekend.
Haize will be 20 months on July 7th. I can't even believe it. He has one speed all the time and that is FAST. He is constantly falling down and running into things which results in lots of goose bumps and bruises. Poor kid. Im sure people look at his legs and think what do his parents do to him? I promise we are good to him. We love him so much and he makes everyday a Great Day! I don't know what we would do without him. He is so funny and is always making us laugh about something he does. He still loves to talk on the phone and speak jibberish to whoever and sometimes nobody he just picks up a phone and starts chatting. Its so cute. He still growls, but not near as bad as he used to. It used to be non stop. He loves to play outside and he is always telling the dogs to SHUT UP! Its pretty funny. Jared's parents came and visited over the weekend and now he is really good at saying Grandpa (papa). So now he can say gama and papa. I love it. He has been calling Jared mum for a little while now and we all just laugh, but I think he's doing better we correct him alot and he seems to be getting it now who Dad is and who Mom is. Silly boy! He still is attatched to his bottle (boba) and I don't know when to call it time to take it away cause he loves it so much. He also uses a sippy he just likes his boba when he's tired or hurt. That should catch you up a litte on Haize.
Sorry that was a long post, but It's been a long while since I put anything on here. Next time hopefully I wont wait this long.
Hope you enjoy the pics of Haize. Oops they are in the wrong order , but deal with it.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Easter 2010

This year we spent Easter down South in Hurricane with Jared's parents. It was good to get away for a few days. Haize had fun at the Laverkin Easter Egg Hunt. He wasn't sure what to, but I helped him scoop up some candy and eggs and then came dad to follow us and help out as well. Grandpa and Grandma Hone also had one at their house. That one was all money. WOW! He got $11.00. Pretty cool for a 1 year old. Before we left home we also made some sugar cookies..... yeah they looked cute, but they didn't taste real great. I couldn't find my recipe I usually use so I used one I found and they were not good. I was pretty mad, but they went down with some milk. Here are some pictures of our weekend. I hope you all had good Easters as well.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I haven't made sugar cookies forever so I got bored and decided to make some today. It was actually quite fun. Jared even helped me and he did a really good job. We took a few to neighbors, but thats as far as we got. Sorry everyone who didn't get any. Next time I will make more and deliver them. Here is a picture of some of the cookies. Hope you all have a great Valentine's!!! Love you all. Remember to tell everyone that is special to you that you Love them today.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Its been a while....

Its been a while since I updated so just thought I would talk about what we have been up to lately.....which isn't much, but Haize is walking all over the place now. He has been walking for probably a month or so. It is so cute, but sad too when they start walking because it's like now he is a little boy not so much a baby anymore. With walking come lots of bangs and bruises we have found out. Just in the past week he has bonked his head on my friends coffee table and hit his ear and it is all bruised. It looks bad, but it doesn't seem to bother him. He also got scratched by a little puppy that was so happy to see him but it jumped up and scratched his eye lid and neck. Poor kid. Today he decided to head butt everything and came to me while I was sitting in the chair and he banged off my knee and fell to the ground and blood started flowing out of his mouth so I got to the bathroom and I think he cut that little peice of skin that hooks your lip to your gums. He cried for a minute but his bottle made it all better. Yes he still has his bottle and he loves it. I dont know when I will ever be able to take it away from him. He also likes his sippy though. :) He is the goofiest kid ever. He makes me and Jared laugh constantly. Tonight he was walking around with his blanket on his head, but we knew he would get hurt so we took it off, but then the crazy little guy decided he could just close his eyes and walk. Cracks me up. He is so fun and I dont know what we would do without him. We wouuld be so bored. He loves bananas and gets so excited if he knows your gettin him some. He is a good little eater and will eat pretty much anything. For lunch most the time he eats a sandwich. I just cut it up in little peices and he eats it right up. He loves bread just like his Dad and Grandpa Stink. He hates to get dressed or have his bum changed, but I think most kids are like that. I wonder why. You would think they would want a fresh bum. Lol! He is with me everyday and all day so when his Daddy comes home from work he gets so excited. They love to tease each other and Haize loves to be chased. Its so cute. He blows kisses, but I haven't got him to actually give kisses. He used to but not anymore. He absolutely loves music. He dances everytime he hears it or hums to music. Its the cutest thing ever. He also loves loves loves the phone. If he hears one he puts his hand to his ear like he is talking on the phone. I always let him call his Grandparents. He loves it and when he's on the phone he usually uses his growly voice and it sounds terrible over the phone and its so funny. Jared always lets people at work listen to him and they dont believe its Haize cause it sounds terrible. I tend my neice and nephew a few times a week and he loves to see other kids and they think he is so funny. They love to ask him yes or no questions to see what he will answer with his head shakes. Its pretty funny. Well I guess that will do for now.... haha. Hope you enjoyed reading about my funny little man.

Here are a few pics of Haize lately....