Thursday, March 5, 2009

Haize's Blessing

These are some pictures of Haize in his blessing outfit. He looks so handsome.

We blessed him on February 1st. It was a really good day. My dad gave him the blessing and he did an awesome job. Afterwards my sweet grandma let us have a luncheon at her house so everyone came there after and we had a nice little lunch. It was nice to have all our friends and family together. It was the super bowl that day as well so alot of people had to leave quickly and some didnt make it to the lunch so that kinda sucked, but other than that it was a great and special day. We just love Haize so much. I feel so blessed to have him here. Its the best feeling to be a mom. I cant wait for the days ahead of us of him growing up, but again like I always say it goes by way too quickly. He will be 4 months on Saturday. Wow how time flies!!!