Wednesday, September 9, 2009

10 months. 09-07-2009

It is just absolutely crazy to me that my baby boy is 10 Months old already. Freaks me out! He is still the cutest little baby ever. We love him to death. I really dont know where I would be today if it weren't for him. He is such a sweet blessing in our lives. He is getting a mouth full of teeth. He now has 7 of them. I love when he does his cheeser smile so we can see them. He doesn't crawl yet or walk, but he seems to get around just fine by rolling which ever way he wants to go. He gets into plenty of trouble rolling so I can wait until he crawls and walks. He has the cutest chubby legs ever and yep he is bull legged just like his daddy. So cute. Last month we took him to a specialist because his doctor thought he may need a helmet for a flat spot but the specialist said he is just fine. Phew! We were so not wanting him to wear one so we are quite happy about that. Im also sure that Haize is to. He loves to be outside. If he gets onery we just take him outside and he is fine. He has been this way since he was born. That is a good thing because his daddy is the same way.... well that is unless its hot. I cant believe that in 2 months he is going to be 1. Honestly where does time go? Before we had him it seemed like years took a long time, but now we have him its like we blink and another month has gone by. Babies really do grow waaaayyyy too fast.

Happy Birthday Jared! 09-05-2009

For Jareds Birthday he wanted to eat Sushi so we went and ate at Sakura Japanese Steakhouse. Its really good. And no its not all sushi. Its like Tepenyaki's. I want to thank everyone who came. It was a real good time.

Here's a few pictures of his cake. I was pretty stoked that the restaraunt let us bring it there.

Feeding the ducks! 08-30-2009

A couple Sundays ago we went to Salem pond to feed the ducks. Haize loved watching them. Here's a few pictures of our little adventure.