Monday, September 29, 2008


Well today we got rid of 1 puppy. Only 8 left to go. Haha. They aren't selling as fast as we had hoped. They are really fun to watch and play with but they need to find good homes cause we won't have time for them when our Baby Haize gets here. I am now 31 wks and 4 days. The time is flying by quite quickly.... I think only because I feel like I have alot to do and get ready before he makes his appearance. I am so excited for him to come though. Im going to start washing his clothes and getting them put least what I have for now. I also got a crib mattress today from some friends that were just getting rid of theirs so that is extremely nice. I now want to get his bedding put in the crib so I can start getting his room put together. I gotta get Jared to get this computer out of here though. Its driving me nuts. Well that oughta catch you up a little on whats going on around our house.

Monday, September 15, 2008

September 15th

28wks pic
Im bored and have reflux and heartburn so I decided to catch everyone up on our lives lately. Not a whole lot going on lately. Im now 29 wks and 4 days along. Im getting so big. Its crazy how fast you grow. I can feel the baby move way better now and sometimes it still freaks me out and makes me jump when he kicks me. Right now he is going crazy and I think he's doing spins inside me. Feels weird and looks weird to. (But I love it) Lets see, today was exciting I went and got my crib and a dresser to match, but im not putting it up until I finish touching up the paint in the little guy's room. Ive got to get that done. Hmm... Oh I helped Jared give all the puppies their shots today, that wasn't too bad. I felt bad but they didn't even care so I didn't feel so bad after the first one was done. Other than that life's pretty laid back and boring right now. Well sorry to pretty much bore you but that should have caught you up with our lives.