Thursday, June 24, 2010

Us Lately....

Holy cow! It's been forever since I updated this. Let's see I'll try to update you on what we have been up to lately.
We have been trying to get a few rooms done in our basement which is taking way too long, but I guess it will totally be worth it. I can't wait until its done. Haize love's to help and he gets VERY MAD if we don't let him go downstairs to work with Dad. He is so smart and is quite the little copy cat. He see's things we do that we didn't know and then he does them and it cracks us up. These pictures are from Saturday when Jared and our friend Justin were mud and taping the basement and I was upstairs doing my hair and that is what I came down to find. I had to grab the camera and I couldn't get mad I just laughed and took pictures and then cleaned him up. It doesn't matter what your doing he tries to do it. He was even copying the dances tonight on So You Think You Can Dance. It was sooo cute.
I have taught Haize a new word this week... Pepsi ... sometimes it comes out puppies, but I know what he's saying. Thats my boy! :)
I started a new job about a month and 1/2 ago but after a month quit. It was for a Chiropractor here in Santaquin he is really nice, but it was way too hard leaving Haize and I didn't want to be an advertiser which is basically what I was doing so I quit, but I got a call yesterday from the Payson office which is Dr. King and I guess I will be their on call person so that will be good. Just a few days here and there won't be so bad.
On June 11-12 I did the Relay for Life in Payson at the park with my sister in law Brynn and I had some friends join us. It was a blast having them come and I think they all enjoyed it as well. It rained non stop, but it was worth it like always. Hopefully next year it won't rain us out. Thanks friends- Jacey, Camille, and Jayme. You guys are awesome!
For my Birthday my Dad took me and my sister Jennifer to Wendover to see the comedian Lisa Lampanelli and oh my gosh it was freakin hillarious! Its a show that you don't want to go see if you get offended easily about ANYTHING! She makes fun of everything and everyone. She's not a bit shy about anything at all. We laughed out guts out. There were a few people who left within the first 5 minutes. Then we all went and gambled for a bit at the casino. We had a great time. It was fun spending time with my Dad and Sister. Thanks guys for the great birthday weekend.
Haize will be 20 months on July 7th. I can't even believe it. He has one speed all the time and that is FAST. He is constantly falling down and running into things which results in lots of goose bumps and bruises. Poor kid. Im sure people look at his legs and think what do his parents do to him? I promise we are good to him. We love him so much and he makes everyday a Great Day! I don't know what we would do without him. He is so funny and is always making us laugh about something he does. He still loves to talk on the phone and speak jibberish to whoever and sometimes nobody he just picks up a phone and starts chatting. Its so cute. He still growls, but not near as bad as he used to. It used to be non stop. He loves to play outside and he is always telling the dogs to SHUT UP! Its pretty funny. Jared's parents came and visited over the weekend and now he is really good at saying Grandpa (papa). So now he can say gama and papa. I love it. He has been calling Jared mum for a little while now and we all just laugh, but I think he's doing better we correct him alot and he seems to be getting it now who Dad is and who Mom is. Silly boy! He still is attatched to his bottle (boba) and I don't know when to call it time to take it away cause he loves it so much. He also uses a sippy he just likes his boba when he's tired or hurt. That should catch you up a litte on Haize.
Sorry that was a long post, but It's been a long while since I put anything on here. Next time hopefully I wont wait this long.
Hope you enjoy the pics of Haize. Oops they are in the wrong order , but deal with it.


Sam and Riley said...

He has gotten so big! I love the pictures, he is all boy!
I am glad you updated!!!

Jaron and Michelle said...

Haize is getting so big! It looks like he is a big help!

The Hone's said...

He is getting big. It makes me want to turn back time to when he was a baby again. He is soooo much fun though. I love him so much.

Melanie Fox said...

oh my gosh he is so dang cute!!1

Keli and Mike said...

It's amazing what little kids can pick up on isn't it? I love the pictures of him helping daddy!

Josh & Kenz said...

Chelsey!!! How are you? You are so cute and little like always:) And your little Haize is soooo adorable. I'm so glad you have a blog! You are as good as me at updating.