Monday, November 8, 2010

Haize is 2

How did that happen? It seems as though it were yesterday I brought him home from the hospital, and then today I wake up to him running around all over the place. How does that happen?
He is my favorite little guy ever! He is so cute and we love him so much. Our live's have been forever changed and in a wonderful way. He keeps us all going. If im having a bad day his smile and crazy things he does makes it all better. Just knowing that im his mom makes me the happiest person on earth. I love being able to stay home with him everyday and watch him learn new things constantly.
Lets talk about some of the things Haize does.....
He jumps off the ground with both feet in the air... it's so cute!
He loves to dance. Whenever there is bumping music he is dancing even if its in the car. Haha.
He loves farm animals. He calls them by what they say though... i'm working on that.
He loves to be outside and always tells the dogs to SHUT! Its pretty darn funny because he says it in a gruff voice.
He is always wanting a treat. He probably gets that from me. I love sweets.
His favorite movie is Tarzan and he calls it Tarz.
He also likes to watch Ratatoille, Tale of Despero, and a new one Toy Story 3.
He is in a big boy bed now and has been for a month or so. He likes it way more than his crib, but still does not stay in it all night. He ends up with us. Its ok ive decided. One day he won't like us. Haha I hope not though.
He loves playing with plastic animals, trucks, his new Mr. Potato Head, anything he can push around the house and lots more, but i'll leave it at that.
Some of his favorite things to eat are... banana's, apple's, cheese, lunch meat, toast, ramen noodles, hot dogs and there's more but thats all I can think of right now.
He is starting to say more words and I love it. Its kind of hard to understand him, but i'm getting it. Sometimes he speaks another language and you can't understand anything.
Overall he is one funny child. He cracks me up all day long. If we are somewhere other than home everyone is usually laughing at him at some point or other for something funny/crazy he did.
I hope that tells you a little about my handsome little Haizer man. We love him so much.....even if he is in terrible 2's

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