Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009

We had a great Christmas this year and I hope the rest of you did as well.
On Christmas Eve my mom always gave us something to do with bedtime, usually a pair of pajamas, but sometimes we also got a blanket or a pillow.... anyways so I like to do the same. Haize loves minky blankets so that is what he got was one of those and I had a friend put his name on it for him. He also got a pair of jammies to wear to bed, but he peed a little much that night so he had to get changed in the middle of the night and from then on he did'nt want to go to sleep. Its like he knew Santa was coming and was too excited. He ended up sleeping in our bed, which was a bad idea because then none of us got any sleep. He tossed and turned and hogged the bed all night. Then at 6am he was ready to get up and play, but Mom and Dad weren't ready so we just made him lay there until he went back to sleep. Then I woke up at 9am and made Dad and Haize get up to go see what Santa brought. We opened our presents and then went to my parents house for breakfast and opened some more presents. I love being with family on Christmas. I dont know what I'd do if they weren't around. Jareds parents were sad that we wouldn't come down to there place, but we still called them and chatted for a bit. Maybe sometime we can go there for Christmas. After my parents house we went home and chilled for a bit and then had a little nap. That evening we were invited to Jareds Aund Judy's house for dinner so we went there and had a great meal and then visited for a bit. All in all we had a pretty great time for Christmas. Here are a few pictures of Haize on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.

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Adrie and Fam said...

Oh my gosh your baby is now a little boy and cute as ever! It is so sad how fast they grow, but so fun too!