Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Haize 11-7-09

I cannot believe it. My baby is 1. How did this happen? I remember the day I had him like it was yesterday. I could tell you every detail if you'd like but I won't. Even though I will cherish that day of my life forever!!!
He is the best thing that has ever happened to me and Jared. He is such a cutie and he always makes us smile. He can be a turd sometimes but we still love him. I didn't know that 1 yr olds had attitude like he has but they do! I think its pretty cute now, but I know in a few years it won't be so cute. LOL.
Some of his favorite things lately are he loves to stand up to things, sharing his food, wrestling with his dad, rocking at night with mom like always, growling of course... he has done that since the day he was born, crawling... yes he is finally crawling haha, being outside no matter how cold or hot it is, and the list could go on, but I think ive mentioned most of his favorite things.
I made a big mistake on his birthday. His party wasn't until 7pm so I was going to make sure he got 2 naps so he wouldn't be cranky. He took one nap pretty early in the day so I was happy about that, but then it got to be about 5pm and I wanted him to take one more so I made him take another one. By make I mean he didn't want to even though he was tired so I took him in my room and turned on Enya and I held him and swayed back and forth until he was out. And he was literally out. I had to wake him up at 6:15 so he would have enough time to wake up and get back to being happy and cheerful, but he so did not want to wake up. He was mad and cranky. I thought Oh great look what ive done. He was a little cranky when everyone got here but as the night went on he got Happier. Anyways.... :)
For his birthday we had all the family come to our house, and we learned that our house is too small for that many guests. It was pretty squishy, but we still had lots of fun. First we started off by letting him open his presents and he got bored after about 2 of them, but then he had help from his cousins and that made it a little more fun for him. He got wayyyyy to many presents thats for sure. I can't believe all the toys he got and now I have no where to put them, but he sure enjoys them. My front room just looks like a toy room is all. Everyone is asking what he is getting for Christmas and the answer is........... a TOY BOX!!! Something to put all these toys in. After opening all his presents we had cake. It was awesome. I ordered Haize a cake from Smiths because my sister in law let me in on a little secret.... they do a FREE cake for 1 year olds. Awesome! So Haize had his own cake and then I made strawberry shortcake for the rest of the party. It was so much fun watching Haize dig into his cake. He had alot of fun flipping it everywhere. He also likes to share his food so I let him feed me a little and yes I got a little frosting on my face. So cute though. Of course he then had to get in the rub and rinse off. After his quick rinse off him and his cousin Jericho played with all the new toys. The cutest was when Jericho pushed Haize on the train. We had a great turn out and Thanks to everyone for coming!
Happy Birthday Baby Boy!!!!


Sam and Riley said...

Happy Birthday! I love his blonde blonde hair! It's not fair how fast they grow!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Haize!! He shares the same birthday with Adam. They do grow up WAY too fast. He's such a handsome little man. Hope he had a good b-day!! :)

Ashley Hawkes said...

Aw so cute! Finally crawling! He has the same birthday as my 3 year old..crazy. Enjoy that little guy, they do grow so fast!

Steven, Brianne & McClain said...

So cute!! Scary how fast time flies, isn't it? Just wait, the next year is even funner!!