Sunday, November 1, 2009

Oct. 11, 2009 Happy 6th Anniversary to us

Jared and I have been married for 6 years now. I can't believe it has been that long. In some ways it feels like we have married forever, but in other ways it feels like it was yesterday we tied the knot. I love Jared so much and really appreciate all he does for me and now of course Haize. He is the best dad ever. This year for our anniversary we snuck away and went to Park City and left Haize with my sister. Thanks Jennifer and family. It was so nice to get away for a night even though leaving Haize for the first time overnight was a little sad for me, but he did pretty good and I didn't worry too much. He was in good hands. Jared and I had never been to the alpine slides so that is what we did and we also did the newer alpine coaster. It was a blast and definately worth the money to do both. We had a lot of fun and I laughed the whole time on the coaster because I was in front of the sled and Jared had the brake and kept breaking. I was getting mad at him because I like to go fast but he had to pee and I was hurting him by sittin in front of him cause his legs couldnt fit in the sled right with me in front of him. Poor guy. That evening I let Jared decide where to go eat and of course that was a dumb idea. He chose Sushi. I ordered chicken of course and it was actually pretty good, but way to expensive for what it was. Jared was disappointed as well. The rolls were about as big around as his thumb. Big rip off. I cant remember the name of the place but it was something like Yuki Sariaki or something like that. Dont go there. Anyways here are a few pictures of our little weekend. I didnt get many but hope you enjoy.

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Wade The Rascal said...

Very cool. And your pictures look great. I love Fall pictures.