Tuesday, October 6, 2009

11 Months

I cannot even believe that my baby boy is already 11 months old and that in a month the little guy will be 1 year old. Where did time go? It feels like just yesterday I had him. I can remember every second of the day I gave birth to him.
Its kind of sad that he is already that old but at the same time, he is so fun. I love every minute being with him. He is what makes me smile and keeps me going everyday and if im having a bad day all I have to do is look at him and im better.
He has learned to army crawl. Its the cutest thing ever. It makes me laugh cause from behind it kind of looks like he is swimming. So cute. Oh and believe me he is plenty fast and can go anywhere he wants to go.
He has been a little stinker too. He likes to play with things he shouldn't and when you tell him no he looks at you with a smurky smile and turns his head really fast and keeps doing it as if its funny. Not so funny to me though. Not sure how to break him of this but hopefully soon he will learn to listen.
He loves to eat treats especially suckers they are his favorite. He gets so happy when he see's one.
He now has 8 teeth and they are so cute, but they make him look like not such a baby anymore. He has the cutest smile ever.
He still growls. Its pretty funny to get reactions from people that arent expecting it. He has growled from day one.
Pretty much we love him so much and we are so happy we have him. Not sure what I would do with out him. Not sure what Jared would do either. Haize looks forward to seeing his daddy come home from work and if someone comes through the door he thinks its his dad and if its not sometimes he gets a little dissapointed. I love seeing the two of them play. Jared is a great dad!
Well another month has past too quickly, but like always Haize makes it fun.


Steven, Brianne & McClain said...

So cute. He's such a little blondie!!

Matt, Adrie, and Kids said...

He is turning into a little boy, sad, but he is totally cute!

Jessica said...

Time has flown! He is adorable Chels and it's fun to hear all the new things he is doing. Cherish every minute!

Melanie Fox said...

oh my he is getting so big but so cute i love his blond hair it reminds me of marty