Tuesday, June 30, 2009

In his 7th month

I better write some stuff down about all that Haize has done in his 7th month since he is almost 8 months old now. This month he is getting better at rolling over. He still hasn't come close to mastering it, but is getting better. He has however learned how to sit up on his own. He does fall over now and again, but Im so proud of him. His biggest thing is he got 2 teeth. They are so cute. I will have to capture a picture of them. It is his 2 bottom ones. He went camping for his first time this month. It was so fun and he did pretty good. I think he will get better at going to bed the more we go, but he did pretty darn good. He also went for a short ride out in front of our house on the 4wheeler. He seemed to like that quite a bit. He loves to be outside. It is his favorite place to be. If he gets mad you can take him outside and he calms right down and is totally happy again. Amazing how things like that work. These are a few cute pictures of him lately.


Keli and Mike said...

Cute pictures!

Anonymous said...

My husband trains with team Unbreakable, that is how we got to know them, It was a sad deal, they are pretty tore up