Tuesday, June 30, 2009

First Camping Trip

We took Haize camping for the first time last weekend. We went out to Little Moab and camped for 2 nights. Haize did pretty good I think. The first night was a little rough and Jared had told me that it was his turn to tend so he was putting Haize to sleep in the trailer while I hung out by the fire with everyone. Next thing I know I see Jared come out with the baby, slam the trailer door, slam his tailgate shut and put the baby in the carseat and away they drove. I could tell Jared was very frustrated. (He has little to no patience.) I wanted to go rescue him but everyone was covering my eyes and saying "remember it's your night to play so let him take care of Haize" so I did. When he returned he jumped out of the truck and came over and said Im going to take the baby home he won't go to sleep and we'll be back in the morning. I said oh no your not so I took the baby and we went in the trailer. I made him a little bottle and he drank it and got comfy and went to sleep. A mothers touch is all he needed. Jared was pissed, but oh well. Anyways it was all good after that. He slept good through the night and had a good day playing all day. He took a nap while we drove over to the rocks. Played somemore then it was time for bed again and of course I took over again and all went great. So camping is good afterall. I didnt get many pictures. Dang it! It was fun and were headed out again this weekend and the next few after that. Hope he gets used to going every weekend cause thats what were going to be doing.

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