Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cutest Pictures Ever!!!

This last weekend Jared, Me and Haize went down to visit his family down in Laverkin. It was alot of fun. It was good to be around his family and let them mingle with Haize. They just love him. It was his first vacation so his first nights stay he was a little hard to keep asleep and he had everyone awake Saturday morning at 5am taking turns trying to get him back to sleep. Grandma and Grandpa didnt mind though.
While we were there our friend Shawna came over and took some darling pictures of our little family and our handsome little guy. She did an awesome job. WHAT DO YOU THINK? Sorry I put up alot of pictures but they are all so good and I absolutely love them all, im not quite sure I can pick just a few to hang on my wall. It will be diffacult decision.
I have to thank Shawna for being so patient and taking so much of her time to do this..... Haize didnt always want to cooperate... it took alot of little bottle breaks to get him to be good sometimes. Thanks your awesome Shawna. I cant thank you enough. I will for sure have you doing some more of him as he grows.
You can check out Shawna's photo blog its She is so patient and takes her time making things look just perfect.


Sam said...

ALL of those pictures are so so so cute. She did such a good job. And you are so pretty in all of them. Your little boy is so cute.

The Ung Family said...

So cute! I love the ones with the tie! I've never seen anybody do that and its so cute! You look gorgeous!

Matt, Adrie, and Kids said...

They are all adorable!!! Good luck picking a few to hang up, I promise every time you get pics your going to have the same problem.

Brynn said...

I LOVE your pictures! You look gorgeous and baby Haize is so adorable!

Anonymous said...

Man! You guys could be in commercials! Those are the cutest pictures!I bet you are loving the Mommy thing! Enjoy every second-it goes soooo fast....nikki