Monday, November 17, 2008


This is a picture of Haize and his cousin Jericho. They were born 2 days apart. Haize was 6lbs. 13 oz. and Jericho was 9lbs. 1 oz. But Jericho was a week late and Haize was 3 weeks early. Just kinda funny to look at the size difference. Pretty handsome little men.
Just an update. Haize is 10 days old today. Pretty crazy. Feels like time is just flying by so fast. He is doing so good. He wakes up about every 3 hours on the dot to be changed and to eat. He is still just a sleepy little fella but he isn't even supposed to be here yet. He still has another 10 days before he was supposed to be born. He seems to be pretty healthy so far. He loves to poop and get changed and then poop right after you get the other diaper on. Silly guy! We love him so much. He is so sweet. I love to just sit and cuddle him. Im glad he likes it too. Jared is doing good as well. He even changes poopy diapers even if they make him gag a little. Haha. Pretty funny! It still just feels like a dream that we have him here. After all the problems I had getting pregnant its just a miracle this one worked. I dont know how it happened but boy am I sure glad it did. Haize has changed mine and Jareds relationship. We feel so much closer to each other now. Its crazy what a baby can do to ya. Well thats all for now.

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