Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Lets see this month has gone by pretty fast. To catch you up....... Dogs- we have 5 puppies left. Baby Haize- Im now 35 wks and 5 days. Crazy how fast its really went by. I have been cleaning my house and trying to get things in order before the little man arrives. I cant wait. I went to the doctor today and he said im measuring right on and seems that his little head is down where its supposed to be so that is great. At the first of this month my mom and grandma threw me and my sister in law a baby shower and we both got some good stuff. It was a pretty good turn out. Then my sister in law and sister threw me a shower for my friends. I cant thank them 2 enough. Brynn especially cause she is miserable and pregnant and threw me a shower anyways. She is so sweet. Thanks Brynn. I had a shower on Saturday from the Hone side of the family. It was very nice. Jareds aunt Judy and cousins Keeley and Kirstie threw it for me. I got tons of great and needed stuff. Also this weekend while I was at the shower Jareds dad shampooed my carpets for us. He is such a sweet father in law. My mom has also been helping me get my house together and organize it which is so nice I cant thank her enough. I am getting to the point of I just want everything clean and ready. I guess thats what they call "nesting". We are just so excited to get him here. I hope everything goes good. Well thats all for now folks.

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Brynn said...

I really am starting to think that Haize will make his debut before Jericho! I can't believe how LARGE I look next to you! And, now I am even bigger which doesn't seem possible! I'm glad you got lots of great stuff for the little man. Showers are great huh? I don't know how I'd have ever gotten everything any other way! The little fellas need lots of stuff!